Something worth fighting for.

OHHHHHH my head is clogged. There are so many things going well and then other things that still are a bit messy to say the least. I’m studying about philanthropy on coursera … so naturally it’s making me think about what kind of things make me feel like getting up and doing something for good.

Then I started thinking… omgsh am I selfish?! Everything I can think of comes back to a statement that’s like – yes and I am good at that or I have experience in that so that’s why I can do it.

I panic. No one wants to be thought of as a selfish person. So I’m sitting here yelling at myself … on the inside of course lol yelling out loud is probably considered crazy (which I have to admit I definitely care about because I just do. #typical). Anyway I just keep saying to myself : WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS!? If you’re doing everything solely for yourself then are you a good person?

If the things you do … though they are for yourself … benefit someone else – then what?

The purpose… the purpose has to be there. The intention!

I think I’m losing it sometimes because I’ve been spending so much time thinking about this lately… and I’ve concluded… there has to be intention behind EVERYTHING we do. In a perfect world.

Good intentions = good people

Bad intentions = bad people

Is it that simple? Apply it and let me know.

Whatever way you classify your intentions let them be true and always remember your intentions when you embark on a new journey. If you get to a point where you feel like you  have fulfilled your intentions then you have succeeded. Equally if you feel like you get to a point where you have failed your intentions… you have experienced and you will learn (if you’re smart).

Let’s take a simple example, forgetting about the good person/bad person thing for now (thanks Daily Post)- traveling:

When I go on vacation I like to do NOTHING… nothing = chill, beach, nap, eat delicious food, read a book, anything that I don’t have time to do when I am home doing 5000 things a day (or procrastinating on all of those things).

SO if I go on vacation and I accomplish any of those things – because they are my intentions I’ve done it. I’ve succeeded and I’ve succeeded successfully (lol how is that for a tongue twister?).

Let’s take a poignant example: #MarriageEquality (think about your good person/bad person rules here):

Everyone is entitled to an opinion … and some at the moment (Ireland in specific) are entitled to a vote: Will you vote yes or no to legalize marriage equality?

What is your intention: Mine is to support it because:

  • I am helping myself and my significant other
  • There are so many other people in this world who are a part of the community of people who are denied the rights to marriage, irrespective of qualities that actually define a committed relationship
  • The world has always been this way, with different people of different preferences and we consistently battle against them – the time to fight the change is not now.

So I just keep thinking… though selfish in some ways, my intentions are good right?

What are your intentions? How do you support them? Think about it. What can you offer to back up your opinions and how will you act on those opinions when given the chance?

And this… this is why I’m doing it:


Because people love it and they are inspired by dancing and how dancing can express what so many can’t seem to say.
My intentions: To spread the #love.

Too deep? It should be.


The Story Of My Life

Everyone has to fight to be with the one they love, there is no need to make it a legal battle as well. – If you are in Ireland VOTE YES on May 22nd –


And so it begins, the tale of the experience that changed my life. I’ve had to work my buns off and the stress (in the form of grey hairs) is real. BUT I’ve become a better communicator, leader and dancer through the process. Everyone learns differently ya know? I learn the hard way. So I’ll share my story with you in hopes that you can learn through me and you might be better off when you get to your epiphany project- the project that turns things around for you. Welcome to the Epiphany Project- the Story of my Life.


That’s the book I’d write if I could right now. It would be a memoir type of book. And it would be about how much I’ve learned throughout the process of being involved in a dance video entitled ‘What I did for Love’. This video uses movement via dancing to tell a story about love and relationships. The piece makes a statement about equality- a strong one- and it turns out that we are able to do our part in this year’s Marriage Referendum in Ireland because of it! I just don’t even know how to express how I feel. I can’t watch the video on my own because I just sit there and cry. It is so real and it is so relatable. I beam with pride at what we have accomplished as a group and I just want to share it with everyone!

So please… Watch What I did for Love’  and share if you LOVE it =)


This is my idea of motion, inspired by the Daily Post.

‘What I did for Love’

Yesterday marked the 7th and final day of filming a piece entitled ‘What I did for Love’. This piece is about love and relationships. It’s about how everyone has to work hard or even fight to be with the person they love and it certainly does not discriminate against gender and/or sexual orientation. That is not the way myself and this brilliant group of dancers see our world anyway. We had the chance here to showcase our talents and support a great cause. Anyone should be able to be with their person and that is exactly how we feel and what we show through choreography and striking visuals.

We had an absolute BLAST playing with holi powder this week while filming. This powder is used to emphasize the idea that people’s true colors aren’t always the same as someone else’s and they aren’t always what they “should” be. Couples in the piece struggle to let their true colors shine until they are united with the person whom they are truly meant to be with. Then we celebrate that with a blending of colors and the use of every single color of the rainbow to tie the piece up at the end. I am the Director of this video, as well as having been the choreography director and creative director so needless to say this project has been my passion for the past few months and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am so proud of the work we have done and now that I have 5 seconds to myself I could not WAIT to share a few bits from our experience over the past week. Check out these photos, capturing the essence of the holi powder perfectly as it floats in the air while the dancers perform. And please please please watch the promo video here.



This is what afloat means to me.

Taste the Rainbow

Think about this… When was the last time you painted a rock? If ever?

When was the last time you just did something fun and silly, the last time you played pretend and really let your imagination run wild. Do you take the time to let the young spirit in you have a little fun or do you just live each day plainly. Are you a grey stone?

Or a colored rock?

I spent the weekend with kiddies. I have cousins who live in Galway so that’s how I’m lucky enough to go out there every once in a while. They have so much energy, a lightness of being that we should all hope to maintain! Every time I’m with them they remind me that not everything in life has to be so serious. I believe it. We should all take some time to paint rocks.

Think about what that means to you, it could be going for a bike ride, roller skating, making jewelry or friendship bracelets even! Playing in the back yard or going for a long walk on the beach. Going to the carnival and riding a few roller coasters! Playing pretend, having an imaginary tea party or army battle. Why not? Let it out, live a little!

And one last thought for this gorgeous Tuesday in Dublin: Not everything has to be tied to reality and everything that’s important doesn’t always qualify as “important”.

Emerald Isle of Enchantment: Ireland

I have been living in Ireland over a year. I feel so comfortable in this place that I think I forget to look at it. I spent an afternoon a couple of weeks ago in Bray, Co. Wicklow, then this afternoon in Roscam, Co. Galway. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I actually opened them to appreciate what’s right in front of me. Absolutely,  breathtakingly, shockingly beautiful. Only because I have simply been failing to look. Check it.


Bray, Co. Wickow


Bray, Co. Wickow

IMG_4418 IMG_4370

Roscam, Co. Galway                                        Bray, Co. Wicklow

This is a bit blurry… only because of that giant ball of fire. It basically is a huge blur anyway. A huge, gorgeous so so bright it’s white ball of blurry goodness. I couldn’t help myself. I snapped a little photo. It is beautiful to me. Daily Post.


Roscam, Co. Galway


As a last note, cheers to the Daily post – no three letter words! HAH!