Words left unsaid… art.

In case you ever needed to know …


What’s left unsaid is something like this:


You are absolutely incredible.

If you could only see what you bring to this world you would never hesitate to give yourself all of the best things that life has to offer.

Whatever you feel is perfectly okay. So let yourself feel it because it is you.

If you don’t want it to be you, I think you still have to feel it anyway because then you can let it go.

Sometimes when I think about you and how you carry yourself through life, tears come to my eyes.

Whenever we part ways I look back and wonder if I treated you the way you deserve to be treated.


Because you deserve the world.

Abundance is your birthright.

Creation is your birthright.

You were born to be exactly who you are. Let that be enough.

To me, it is more than enough, it is stellar.

The winter is long, but the darkness comes regardless of the season.

So when that darkness comes, just remember that what’s left unsaid is something like this:

Your light shines as brightly as the brightest stars in the brightest universe.

No matter how many layers of dust surround it, or perhaps the lampshades or curtains covering it, that light of yours shines brightly regardless.

Though it may be covered by the layers of conditioned life, that really is all it is, just a covering.

Nothing can turn the light switch off without your permission.

So I hope that you remember this always – even when I’m not able to remind you …

Your light is worthy of the sun, moon and stars combined.

Your spirit the essence of pure anglicism.

Your being the embodiment of creation and energy.


Your humanity is ethereal.

Look in the mirror and like what you see because what is left unsaid is… art.

YOU are a work of art.

Always remember that in faith and love.

I hope that you know I wish you the best always and I think nothing less than the world of you.


Sometimes you just need to read the words that are left unsaid. Here they are for whenever you need them.


Sending you a big tight hug, always.





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