#SundayStories Finding myself… back here.

Oh wow. Have I been through a quiet storm this week.

Quiet only in the sense that it has worked like wildfire –

slowly and silently measuring the environment

until the time was right for everything to burn away.



They catch everything. The embers.

And you?

Watch as the branches fall and trunks

go up in flames.



Watch as the smoke billows and wonder

will you see anything through that smoke.

Will it ever clear?



Behind that is a mirror.



Ashes and dust.

I can’t see myself.

But I know I’m not there.



Maybe everything was burning up.



So I let it rain down on me.

Please. I have nothing.



A blank slate, a blessing in disguise.

Hand me a cloth.

Mop it up or let it soak

into the ground.



Water builds a good foundation.

A strong foundation. Fertile. Ripe

with tears.

Is this something for you or something

for me?



The dust settles down. But the smoke

rises up.

Which is the essence? The matter?

Which do we worship?


My god the ashes. They are everything that ceases to be.

But the smoke? Is everything that lives on.



Wishing you all a restful and peaceful Sunday. Sending out a hug today for everyone who needs it. Especially because I know I could do with a few in return.

Talk soon,




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