I believe people should be able to go where they please. 

As a human race, we are all just renting space on this Earth,

so who are you to tell me, where I can and can’t live?

I want to be able to go where my heart desires and stay

for as long as I want.

What am I supposed to do when my time is up

and I have to leave the place I call home?

Home is not about where your passport is from.

Home is a feeling.

And I should be able to decide where my home is.

Not people who sit behind a desk in an office

making decisions about people’s lives as if we’re

just numbers.

If I want to go somewhere and build my home life,

I should be free

to do so.

How did humans become the landlords of the Earth?

Thank you Limerick Fringe for programming RAVENOUS. I knew I wasn’t done with this piece yet. Thank you Gary Clarke for an amazing summer experience where I had the opportunity to dance for my soul.

Thank you to the people who performed RAVENOUS with me, for sharing the journey and for listening to me cry as I read this aloud to you.

Thank you most humbly to everyone who exchanged their humanity with me through watching me perform this piece, and this solo.

And thank you, Universe, for creating a place that makes me feel like home.

Talk soon,



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