#SundayStories Oh mannnn if you’re facing your fears then why are you still scared?

My mirror is smudged.

Can I see it anymore?

Nobody sees in me what I know is in me. Nobody wants to help me make it.

Write about my work?

What is that world –> PRESENCE

Feeling, Sensation -??

Judgement- Language

So language – I want to take a back seat to feeling and sensation.

So everything – defined by language – is a judgement.

A statement or decision about something.

Define judgement: Judgement?

How can we describe something without

Does everybody think this much? Feel crazy inside?

Reality. What does reality even mean? The outer life. The inner life. The innard life.

The peace that comes with April 1st was soooo welcomed this morning.

Have I stopped listening? So what happens when we stop listening?

Sometimes I feel tortured.


Is it true that I feel a slave to my mind?

Is it true that my friends don’t care about me? Is it true taht I don’t know what I want? Is it true that I’m wasting my time? Is it true that there’s no money for me? Is it true? Is it true that I don’t know myself? Is it true that I am afraid of people? Is it true that I am not confident? Is it true? Is it true that I’m not going to fit in here? Is it true that I’m broke?

Because I am afraid it is true. Is it true?

I feel so sensitive about things and what people say to me.

Inside myself is fear and self-sabotage that I want to release. And replace with growth in what I really know.

I am brilliant.


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