Face to face

When we learn to face our fears, we learn to observe our thoughts and feelings but not be ruled by them.

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Another freewrite is in the midst because I am trying to connect with the parts of myself that really want to be heard you know? The parts of me that want to write and really write – about what it actually is that is going on inside the vast universe of one human body, only to be enclosed by layers upon layers of what we think we should be – from our clothes to our opinions and beliefs – they all just blanket our universe.

So I decided to face my fears today – I am going to write about this quote above and let my writing be inspired by it. I’m not going to stop because that is the point of a freewrite and I just think that if I do this then maybe things will come out that have been waiting – behind the fears – to come out. Facing my fears seems to be a theme for this year. But what I actually think it is, underneath that mental blanket of fear – is learning to communicate better. Communicating the way I know I can. Starting with speaking my truth and valuing myself. Why is it so hard to value myself? IT’s really a weird thing because I am catching up on all my DailyOM articles this morning, and realizing I didn’t write yesterday – I always write on Sundays- and then immediately start to feel bad about myself inside – I immediately start to go – oh you said you were going to do that why didn’t you? You have to commit to things or else what is the point? Etc etc. So now I am here and I’m like … hmmm I don’t need to be controlled by that.

What is it about these rules that we place on ourselves that actually keep us grounded and small? They are disguised as “safe” and even for me they are disguised as “knowing myself” but really I think it’s just knowing myself in the sense that I created this smaller version of me, that the world could handle – but this is all in my own opinion. Because of what…? You know?

Why did I decide on behalf of myself, before even trying, that certain things had to be a certain way and that I was a certain way or that I am a certain way?

Being the witness in your own mind. It’s a scary thing. Louise Hay – in my meditation – she talks about cleaning out the mental trash so if you want to do that you have to actually look and see what’s there. I think this is similar to being the witness in your own mind. Or observing your thoughts and feelings and not being ruled by them. I let myself be ruled by things and I also let myself feel like it’s because of other people who are important to me. That i have to be a certain way because that’s who and how I am around people who are a part of my life.

But it’s me. Isn’t it always us at the end of the day? Whatever stems in your life that you want to change or that you realize is not right or is actually absolutely perfect – it all comes from you in the end, doesn’t it?

How many thousands of excuses do you think the world’s whispers have carried of people who are simply just afraid of what and who they are? I have contributed so many and I know that now because I want to sit down here and write this shit out for myself and contribute these truths to those whispers.

I am afraid. Afraid of talking about what really matters to me without disguising it as something that “isn’t important” because to other people it isn’t important. Or so I assume. Money for example – Important to everyone right? Well I don’t know. To me it’s getting there. But only because I am starting to see money as value. And value as how we negotiate things in this world. And also realizing that one of the biggest things is that I don’t like to spend money on myself. So if I don’t value money and I don’t spend money on myself – what kind of value to I have for myself?

I work in silence sometimes. But actually the silence is so loud. Full of those whispers. So now I’m thinking – what if I work out loud – speak the things that I want to hear and then where do the whispers go? Surely they go. Eventually they go.

So maybe that’s the next step. Working out loud. So out loud, to whomever I want, today I will speak what I want and what I think. At least once. Now don’t get me wrong – I spend my days doing this as many times as possible. But only in certain aspects of my life. Hiding from what I really want to talk about – which is me. Doesn’t everyone? just really want to talk about themselves? To know yourself is to know everyone else. I really believe that. And it doesn’t mean that you literally know every single other person. It means that to know yourself… in knowing yourself, you can begin to understand what we are as a human race. Knowing yourself you can know one part in a whole. That whole is always in existence. It never exists without one of it’s parts.

So how is that for being important?

Sometimes we need to reflect and sometimes we just need to write.

Talk soon,



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Inside outside

This is a freewrite exercise because sometimes I just want to write and I want to share things unfiltered but my fear holds me back. So I am going to do it this way today because I have realized that what I want to do with my life is share. I want to share my experiences, my thoughts, I want to do this in order to know myself. In order to be my best self and contribute to this world in the best way that I can so today’s topic is going to be inside outside.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this so maybe its a bit of a cheat to think about this topic now but I want to share it because it’s been liking in my journals for a little bit.

Everything that we do has to come from the inside out and basically I kepr thinking about things that we can and can’t change or control. I feel like it’s our job to know ourselves. It’s my job to know myself  that is my only job here. SO I need to take that seriously. I do not take myself seriously. Do you?


I wonder what it takes to do that. I think it’s simple. You just do it right? I think it’s simple. I am even finding this simple task difficult because I know where it’s going. It is living in the internet space. And so basically this is less of a freewrite than my other freewrites have been because I am here on this platform and that is affecting my writing. I want that to stop. In order to be ourselves in this wild place, I need to be unfiltered. NO deleting no changing. But what about thinking before you speak?

What about it? I don’t know. What about thinking before you do … do we have to think before we do everything? What kind of a role does thinking play in life? What kind of a role does thinking play in my life?

Too big. Way too big of a role. We are not our minds. Our minds are not the only thing that make us who we are. What about all those moments where you just know things and you don’t know how you know them because your mind actually didn’t have time to catch up to this ephemeral knowledge that we all have within us.

It seems like magic but magic is actually reality. It is magical that we are here – we do not know where we come from. We have our ideas that we believe in so that we don’t have to take a look at the fact that it is actually completely MAGICAL that we got here. We know how babies are made and born of course. Butttttt we don’t actually know how we as a human race got here. Okay so this might be controversial (here I go trying to back myself up because I am on the interwebs) but honestly we are all human and imperfect in our means so because of that, anything that we can speculate can exist right? Theoretically – so if that’s the case then I can speculate that we got here by some magical means as a human race and potentially that could be what has happened.

We all believe different things. What do I believe? I”m not exactly sure but what I do know is that inside of me is where everything lies. And outside of me is where everything can be taken away in an instant. I had a thought this morning, after a turn of events in my life, that nothing outside of ourselves is actually ours. WE can think that it is, but really it isn’t It’s all completely disposable. So then it can go at any time. What are we left with? Ourselves… and if you don’t know yourself – well that is FLIPPING scary to be with at the end of the day when all of the things are gone right?

My biggest fear sometimes is being alone. Why is that? I just have to admit to myself that it’s because I don’t really know myself and I’m not aware of my own power and what is inside of me. But I am ready for a change now. SO inside – I can do. Inside – I can dream. Inside- I need to know. Inside – I can take action and I should. Outside – I accept. Outside – I work to accept. Outside – I learn to accept. Outside- I just simply accept.

Because inside is where everything lies. And inside is where everything can be molded, discovered, changed, expanded, lived.

Outside all depends on how we see it. And we all see it differently. So when you think about it…

What would you bet on? The sure thing or the mirage?

What would you bet on? The inside where you have all the control and the power because it is there waiting for you to acknowledge it. Or the outside where everything is changeable, depends on how you see it, can be taken away at any given moment because you bet on it instead of yourself.

Hmm. Why is this such a no brainer in writing and in practice it’s literally the biggest bad habit to break – relying on the outside.

I remember something being shared with me once and then reading it again in a book – NO ONE IS COMING*. No one is coming. So that means .. that we can’t wait for our chariot, our prince charming, our knight in shining armor. We are already that. For ourselves.

Time’s up. I’m glad I did this. Talk soon,



*Shared with me by Catherine Young from a book called Making Your Life as an Artist by Andrew Simonet.