#SundayStories Receiving … weird.

Did you ever learn that rule about spelling words with i and e in them? I before e except after c…? 


^^^ So that rule applies and is supposed to make things easier for us all. Except the word WEIRD is also WEIRD because it it is an exception to the rule.

Receive is a word that has been coming up for me a lot lately. And it is one of those weird words. Follows the weird rule.

But it is also a weird thing.

It’s hard. Does anyone else feel like it’s hard?

But actually it shouldn’t be hard at all. Its definition is simple:

receive- v. to come into possession of: acquire; to act as a receptacle or container for; to assimilate through the mind or senses; to permit to enter; to be given, presented with or paid

So receiving does not imply or require earning, deserving, working for… you just simply are given, you come into possession of, you assimilate, you permit…

So you just have to allow it to happen and you will receive.

Why is that so hard? I watched something this morning that was about receiving and allowing ourselves to receive the help that is already all around us. It sounds so simple and to be honest I’m sure it really is that simple. But I also have experienced what complexities the path to simplicity can take.

I also reflected for a minute and realized that I have built a habit of not allowing myself to receive. Of forcing myself and putting pressure on myself to do everything by myself. To be independent. No relying on anyone because I can do everything by myself.

Then what happens? I have a chip on my shoulder when I see other people expanding their reach and broadening their horizons because two heads are better than one. I get upset because I struggled a lot when maybe I didn’t have to if I would express myself to others or ask for help.

I have this image of a door that I’m standing in front of. It’s locked. Behind it is literally everything that is waiting for me in this life. All the things I desire, the ones that come from the deepest part of who I am- my soul. The things and experiences and people whom are completely in line with my purpose on this Earth. All behind this door.

Around my neck is the key. Are you wearing your key as well?

I want to take a look at myself in the mirror and say “That key is not meant to be worn. Put that key in the door.”

Because I can break this habit. The power is mine to break it or to feed it. To allow myself to receive is to be in line with what is waiting for me. Right? Right.

See that picture up there? That is one of the greatest, purest loves I’ve ever received. My great grandmother. Thank GOD I still have her because I swear she reminds me every day of what it feels like to receive what is meant for you.

I can learn so much from that baby girl up there. Because she couldn’t even reach the door knob. So she needed to let herself receive help and love to keep it open. To let her life be flooded with all the great things in life.

I am taller now. I can open the door. So what’s stopping me? This is my question.

The answer… not sure yet. Weird.

Talk soon


PS. This inspired me today : Showing up for life


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