The present is a present.

Happy Saturday everyone! So I’ve been meditating now for the past 13 days every morning. I love it. It’s really helped me to set myself up for the day and to remain in the present. If you want to try this 21 Day Meditation go right ahead I’d love to hear from you about how you’re enjoying it. Anyway this morning’s session was about how being in the present moment is what truly brings us joy and happiness.

So I have been thinking about that and naturally I have some things to say about the thoughts that challenge my way of thinking and living. Let’s discuss.

Everyday you wake up and a million thoughts rush to your head. You might be thinking about what happened yesterday, what will happen when you get out of bed, what’s going on later today, this week, this weekend, next month. Any number of things could pop up for you. So what do you then go and do with that? Get your armour on because now it’s time to go into battle with all of the extracurricular thoughts of the day that will be pulling you away from eating your breakfast, driving to work, being at work, picking up your kids, listening to music, writing in your journal. Whatever it is… if you are not really there for it because you are preoccupied with realms of time that no longer exist… well then you are denying yourself of the greatest joy of life: RIGHT NOW.

As a performer, my greatest struggle is to remain present in what I am doing. I find that if I let my mind slip into any other realm, my performance suffers and therefore everyone involved is not as invested in what is going on. It applies to everything. If you are sitting down having a conversation with a friend, while you are also on your phone scrolling facebook, snapchatting or otherwise, how present are you really? So what are you really getting out of this moment?

Think about this… how can people understand your handwriting if you are scribbling because you are rushing to move on to the next thing? Sit down. Take your time. And sign your autograph loud and clear lovelies because you are the only you in this world. So stick to what you’ve got in front of you and you will allow yourself to live the life you are destined for.

Have you ever just stopped and said to yourself… you know what, I’m going to just do one thing at a time today and see how that goes. And when I do it, I’m going to really invest myself in it. Try it I swear it is exhilarating.

And what’s so exhilarating about it eh? It’s the joy of being completely in the present moment and therefore, completely open to the surprises of what the universe hands you in the next moment.  The joy of trusting your path and living your moments one at a time in order to allow for the universe to serve you and for it to walk with you.

Don’t get ahead of yourself because you will get away from yourself. Your presence is a present. And the present is a present.

Talk soon



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