How far can you push it?

What do you think about that? Do you ever just think… oh I have to save my energy for ___. Better hold back now so I can save it for later. Do you ever go for a run and decide to take it slow for the first 19 minutes because you are running for 20… to save your energy? For what? The last minute? What about the first 19… did you gain from them if you were just holding back the whole time?

This is just an interesting concept I’ve been thinking about these past couple of days because I am here in Manchester doing the HDI Easter Camp organized by Soar UK. I love dancing. I really do… but sometimes I’m not too sure what my relationship really is with it. Until I come to intensives like this and I get smacked in the face with 100-percent-work-for-it realness. Honestly. Every single teacher in every single class has said something along the lines of  “put everything into it, dig deeper because you will never know how far you can go until you do, there is more to you so you have to allow yourself to be more and do more… ” All of these things just have me thinking… WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?

What am I saving for ya know? Life is happening RIGHT NOW. So right this minute we are living and doing. Why hold back in this moment when you can give it everything and then be open for even more in the next moment? This doesn’t just apply to dancing. It applies to life. It IS life.

Why stretch your arm out 90 percent when you know that you can go that extra 10 percent if you just push it a little bit? Why not just freaking RUN for the 20 minutes instead of holding back till minute 19? If you’re gonna do something… do. it. Just do it. And really do it. You can only benefit and be better because of it. Someone said to me once that you should fail hard and fail fast. So let’s freaking go. Turbo charge this life, you know you can. When you look back what do you want your footsteps to look like? Tiny little ones because you were holding back waiting for the day you’d take the leap? Oh heckkkkk noooo. Leap now!

Don’t hold back. What are you waiting for? Life is now. Thoughts for today anyway. I’ve been inspired. Tomorrow’s Bianca will be pushing herself to be the best she can because then Monday’s B will be even better off.

Talk soon,



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