Allowing myself to be supported

When I was younger I used to wonder. I was a perpetual wonderer. I think I still am but sometimes I feel it’s been a bit dimmed down. When I was young I could wonder about anything because I had two super heroes for parents who obviously knew everything. And if they didn’t well then surely grandma and grampa did because they were the parents of my parents so forget it. Who knew more than them?

The point is… I wondered and I asked about anything and everything and I felt completely justified in doing so. Why? Because if I really wanted to know about it, figure it out, or do it… I knew I had my supports who would help to guide me.

So what happens? Somewhere along the path of “growing up” (a whole different story for another time), we learn/are taught/pick up on this idea of having to be able to do everything ourselves and figure it out all on our own. And then what’s worse is that we lump it under the umbrella of independence. We are independent if we do everything completely on our own. If we suffer through things alone and come out the other side alive, even if barely so; then we are independent. And then what?

What in the loving universe is that about? Honestly. HOW can we do it all on our own? Sometimes we just need help. If you pick any person who you consider to be successful, anyone at all be it your mother or Beyonce, I dare you think about who stands next to them, behind them or even who stood before them in order to get where they are. Do it for a minute. So if freaking Beyonce has inspiration, support, fans, personal cheerleaders, mentors, friends and family… why shouldn’t you? And if all these people out here in the world are making acceptance speeches and thanking their parents, partners, executives, managers, fans, colleagues and whoever the heck else… what makes you think you are any different and can do it on your own? Don’t fall into the trap.

Why am I even saying all of this? (hahaha sometimes I catch myself!) I just feel like I’ve been spending so much time in my short life feeling like I have to do things on my own and like I have to suffer through it all and not let people help me because otherwise I cannot consider myself to be independent. Being independent is clearly something that is a point of personal pride for me. But the truth is … sometimes I’ve felt lonely and sad. Sometimes I’ve felt angry and full of regret. And sometimes I’ve even taken it out on people in my life for not being there for me when I wished they were.

What I’ve realized now is that I wasn’t allowing myself to let them support me. I hadn’t given permission to the people in my life to offer me support that I was wanting for because of my commitment to being “independent” (thanks Beyonce). Anyway I am going to give in to this support now. It’s surrounding me because that is what support is, it’s energy. We are constantly surrounded by energy and the Universe is here to support us however we need, but the challenge is realizing that it’s okay to do that and that you will still be you; probably more you than before.

I said this to someone recently and it actually left an impression on me … “there are people in this world who will be willing to help you just because they want to see you succeed, not because they want anything in return or to take anything away from you. You can get support from people and still maintain all of you.” So I’m gonna try to practice what I preach and I would encourage you to do the same. Allow yourself to support and be supported. Allow yourself to accept the support whether its emotionally, physically, financially, whatever it is … if you need it, ask for it and accept it when it comes because it is for you.

Sometimes we all just need help. Nobody can do this thing called life alone.  I’ve taken my first step and I will be doing a spiritual mentorship for the next 3 months. So I can be better for me and for you. It’s exciting really and I can’t help but wonder… what’s out there for me next? I’m going to get back into that wondering business… it feels good.

Let’s start now eh? =)

Talk soon,




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