You can make a home wherever you go.

Isn’t it funny how people can get hung up on logistics and details? You want a certain thing but it has to be a certain way or you won’t be happy. Everything must be prepackaged just the way you like it or it isn’t for you. Is that right?

Does that even make sense? I don’t think I believe in that but I’m starting to try and apply it and it’s not working for me. I’m looking for apartments for next year you see. I’m trying to find a place to live in Limerick, Ireland because I am attending the University of Limerick for my masters. I’m sooo excited but it’s also getting to be a bit of a headache looking for a place to live. Especially knowing that I don’t really have anyone down there to stay with.

I’m used to being in Dublin and it’s where I’ve been living for the past year and a half so I’m excited for a change of scenery, but the excitement wanes slightly when the thought of the scenery is a cardboard box on the street. LOL okay fine I’m not going to be homeless but still, there aren’t as many options as I would like AND on top of it I’m looking for that perfect package.

I just know that I want my place to be a certain way and why not right? You should be able to have standards. BUT if there’s anything I know about myself and anything I’ve learned, it’s that I can make a home wherever I go. Every time my love and I go away I unpack straight away and line up our things in the bathroom and whatever else needs to be done because then it feels like a place you can enjoy. Then it feels homey.

So honestly I feel like if it comes to the point (and it won’t because I have faith in the universe) where I have to settle for something less than my ideal situation, all I really need is my journal, a few photos and a few pieces of home and I’ll make the best of it.

Even though I am sitting here and little Bee is like… NO. You are going to be tired everyday after dancing you are going to want a nice place that is close to school where you can go and be alone and relax. Sleep in your own big bed and shower in your own shower in your owwwnnnn bathroom and not deal with noisy messy people.

Yes. AMEN. Yes yes and yes. Of course. But you really can make a home wherever you go. And then I started thinking about the daily prompt I read earlier in my inbox.

So if we had a chance to get on a NASA voyager and bring the best of the human culture with us … just think- what would you need to make a home? For me it’s about the company, the comfort and the treats. So let’s all bring our favorite people, our most prized possessions, try to strip down the materialism if we can and we will be just fine.


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