She doesn’t mind.

There once was a time where every single song reminded me of that time. Of that place. When I left Dublin the first time I was heartbroken. I had never had an experience like that in my life before. I had fallen so deeply in love with the place (and a particular person) without even realizing just how hard I’d fallen till I left.

This song though… I taught my first ever class to this song. To those amazing people who at the time were my life. Every time the song came on for months after I left they would tell me and every time I heard it I would just be immediately transported back to that semester I spent at UCD in Dublin and particularly the time I spent with the people who I had the pleasure of dancing with that semester.

We danced our a$$es off during that class. I had 3 hours to teach and I took the entire 3 hours because by the time we learned the routine it was time to DANCE. They took a video of it as well which I remember watching and thinking- I can’t believe I did it! Thinking back to that first class I was SO nervous, little did I know that I would be kicking off a series of other opportunities for me to teach my choreography to other amazing dancers.

I made life long friends in that class – not just because of that class of course- but that song gave me the opportunity to share a piece of myself with people who were important to me, so it’s special to me.

That song though… it was such a jam, the kind of song that you’d love to hear in the club. Sean Paul killed it with that one.

It’s so funny how things get engrained in your memory and what your senses add to it. I have a vivid memory of what everything in that entire room looked like during my class- I can think of it every time the song comes on. I also get flashbacks of the clubs we used to go to – the smells of alcohol and perfume, the sights of extremely inebriated young people walking around, tastes of 3AM chinese food and the feelings of waking up the next day with a room full of friends who just want to lie around and chat about the previous night’s shenanigans.

I love that song. I love those times. I love those people- they are still some of my favorites. And Dublin? He still has my heart as well. And that particular person? So does she =)

Check it out:

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Always Something There to Remind Me.”


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