L is for Learning.

L is for life. L is for learning. So therefore… Life is for learning right? I think so.

I am sitting here thinking about the practice that I am going to be doing in the next few minutes for a showcase this Saturday as a part of the Riverdance Summer School. It just has me thinking (apart from thinking about the steps like crazy-Thank GOODNESS for YouTube right now – I will be studying all evening!) about how much things have changed for me in the past few months since I found out I first got in.

I can’t exactly remember what I was thinking back then, but there is definitely a difference in the person I am now. All I want to get out of every day that I’m there is to feel like I worked my hardest and I learned something new. I have picked up so many things just from being around the cast that I honestly don’t know if my mind would have been open to just a few months ago.

My neuro background has always got me buzzing about why it is that people do what they do. Are some of us just born with it… we know what we want to do, we are naturally just amazing at it, we have a predisposition to be a stand out at a certain thing?

Want to know what I think? Absolutely not. Hard work has got to be the most honest thing in this world. If you work harder than you ever imagined possible, you become the “natural” who everyone wants to be. The one who is revered for their natural talents. Want to know something about those naturals? They worked their …. BUNS off to get there. The cast of Riverdance are a true example of what hard work can do. These inspiring individuals work hard. The standard that they expect from us is simply a reflection of the standard that they demand from themselves. I am so grateful to be present with them this week.

You can connect with your body and your mind. You can change your brain chemistry if you want to. Push yourself, get used to doing things differently because you are trying harder. Constantly push yourself to the next level. Why in the world not? You have no reason not to.

So the difference between me then and me now? I have a goal… to max myself out in terms of effort.  Try my absolute hardest at things I want to do or be.


I want to be a hard worker, not a natural. How about you? 


Talk soon,



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