I miss this…

Well here I am again! I love writing but I still feel like I haven’t figured this out. Blogging turns me off every once in a while, every time I’m too afraid of what I have to say.

But since I’ve gotten home, and particularly since this trip, I have been becoming.


Becoming braver. Becoming a harder worker. Becoming more accepting. Becoming a self-carer. Loving myself for who I am right now.

My goodness I had a melt down the other night. I was trying to explain myself and when I didn’t workout I lost it. I had thought that this summer was going to be all I needed to get back on track. Well I was wrong. Wrongoooooo.

But I’m making so much progress because what I want is just to accept myself. To learn new things and not worry about having to be amazig at them right away. To love and be loved freely without the pressure of society and family ties getting to be too much.

I wasn’t sure what all of this was even about until this trip right up there. I had some time to talk about it with close friends- it being life it suppose lol and since then I am on my way to living more freely and truer to myself every day.

I just realized that I am not compassionate to myself really at all. Who can relate ?

Like this: you wake up late one morning and you are a failure, you’re never gonna get all your things done and you’ll be late on top of it.

BUT: your friend is late every single time you meet up and you forgive him willingly. You’ve been told you have the patience of a saint.

This is me… And I’m done beating myself up now. I once read in an amazing book called Mindset: “becoming is better than being”.

I want to live that mantra. AND SO! I think we should all be kinder to ourselves.

Treat yourself as you would treat others. How’s that for a golden rule eh ?! I like it.

As my love says: be gentle with my girlfriend. Thanks beautiful I think it’s about time I acknowledge the wisdom in that statement. So let’s all do something today: let it be.

Live and let live ya’ll.

Talk soon,



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