I’ve been cooking up a storm!

OH mannnnnnnn have I been cooking up a storm. Since #whatididforlove is over with now, I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging around the house just doing things for myself. Feeling guilty about it of course but in between pangs of guilt I’m enjoying it thoroughly lol. That is sooo lame lol sometimes I read the words I write as they hit the screen and I’m like…. HAH whattt am I like? Anyway I’ve taken a major liking (or re-liking in some cases) to the following ingredients:

  • Sweet potato, Peppers, Carrots, Broccoli
  • Brown seedy wraps/tortillas, Brown Rice
  • Chick peas, Mixed beans, Red Lentils
  • Tikka masala sauce, Korma, Jalfrezi, Jalapeño hummus

OH MANNNNN I wish I’d been taking pictures because the amount of delicious things you can make with these amazing foods is unreal! I’ve been having sweet potato, lentil and pepper jalfrezi wraps. Or broccoli, chickpea and pepper korma. Mixed bean, broccoli, carrot and pepper tikka masala anyone? With a nice heaping pile of brown rice stopppppp.

Then I have been thrown into baking again. Apple or blueberry anything at all really. Can’t help myself- I’ve made apple pie, blueberry tarts, apple crumbles and the like over the past couple of weeks and I can’t even help myself! Anything for a hot dessert with a bit of ice cream.

Then I started to notice a pattern. Less dancing, less writing, more cooking and baking… it’s my newest latest escape.

I’m a head-case. 100 percent. I know it. Being extremely empathic makes me that way. Being hard on myself also makes me that way and so does perseverating. So because of those things (that’s the shortlist) I find myself needing a lot of “me” time. However, as we all know, life can be crazy and it’s easy to feel like certain things need to take priority over others. Aka – laundry, dinner, bills, work, kids, partners, etc over you.

SO the way I cope is by engaging in activities that allow me to enjoy myself and have a bit of introspective me-figuringoutmythoughtsandfeelings- time. Usually and most often it’s dancing. But a lot of the times I write (especially when I physically can’t or don’t have access to dancing). Lately like I said I’ve been cooking these delicious lunches and dinners and desserts. It has really kept me going and it has allowed me to meditate in a way. Just let myself absentmindedly carry on while my body is focusing on one or a couple repetitive tasks.

I’ve listened to TED talks that have changed my perspective on how I see myself. I’ve listened to spiritual talks about how to care for myself better. Then I’ve just let my thoughts and the contents of my brain marinate for a little. I’ve literally been cooking up a storm… a brainstorm.

I’m really enjoying it though like I said, because after an hour or so of the cooking/baking I’m left with the following:

  • a clearer head
  • a microgoal or two
  • feeling better about myself than previously
  • a calm mind

How can you go wrong? Do it.


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