Something worth fighting for.

OHHHHHH my head is clogged. There are so many things going well and then other things that still are a bit messy to say the least. I’m studying about philanthropy on coursera … so naturally it’s making me think about what kind of things make me feel like getting up and doing something for good.

Then I started thinking… omgsh am I selfish?! Everything I can think of comes back to a statement that’s like – yes and I am good at that or I have experience in that so that’s why I can do it.

I panic. No one wants to be thought of as a selfish person. So I’m sitting here yelling at myself … on the inside of course lol yelling out loud is probably considered crazy (which I have to admit I definitely care about because I just do. #typical). Anyway I just keep saying to myself : WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS!? If you’re doing everything solely for yourself then are you a good person?

If the things you do … though they are for yourself … benefit someone else – then what?

The purpose… the purpose has to be there. The intention!

I think I’m losing it sometimes because I’ve been spending so much time thinking about this lately… and I’ve concluded… there has to be intention behind EVERYTHING we do. In a perfect world.

Good intentions = good people

Bad intentions = bad people

Is it that simple? Apply it and let me know.

Whatever way you classify your intentions let them be true and always remember your intentions when you embark on a new journey. If you get to a point where you feel like you  have fulfilled your intentions then you have succeeded. Equally if you feel like you get to a point where you have failed your intentions… you have experienced and you will learn (if you’re smart).

Let’s take a simple example, forgetting about the good person/bad person thing for now (thanks Daily Post)- traveling:

When I go on vacation I like to do NOTHING… nothing = chill, beach, nap, eat delicious food, read a book, anything that I don’t have time to do when I am home doing 5000 things a day (or procrastinating on all of those things).

SO if I go on vacation and I accomplish any of those things – because they are my intentions I’ve done it. I’ve succeeded and I’ve succeeded successfully (lol how is that for a tongue twister?).

Let’s take a poignant example: #MarriageEquality (think about your good person/bad person rules here):

Everyone is entitled to an opinion … and some at the moment (Ireland in specific) are entitled to a vote: Will you vote yes or no to legalize marriage equality?

What is your intention: Mine is to support it because:

  • I am helping myself and my significant other
  • There are so many other people in this world who are a part of the community of people who are denied the rights to marriage, irrespective of qualities that actually define a committed relationship
  • The world has always been this way, with different people of different preferences and we consistently battle against them – the time to fight the change is not now.

So I just keep thinking… though selfish in some ways, my intentions are good right?

What are your intentions? How do you support them? Think about it. What can you offer to back up your opinions and how will you act on those opinions when given the chance?

And this… this is why I’m doing it:


Because people love it and they are inspired by dancing and how dancing can express what so many can’t seem to say.
My intentions: To spread the #love.

Too deep? It should be.



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