The Story Of My Life

Everyone has to fight to be with the one they love, there is no need to make it a legal battle as well. – If you are in Ireland VOTE YES on May 22nd –


And so it begins, the tale of the experience that changed my life. I’ve had to work my buns off and the stress (in the form of grey hairs) is real. BUT I’ve become a better communicator, leader and dancer through the process. Everyone learns differently ya know? I learn the hard way. So I’ll share my story with you in hopes that you can learn through me and you might be better off when you get to your epiphany project- the project that turns things around for you. Welcome to the Epiphany Project- the Story of my Life.


That’s the book I’d write if I could right now. It would be a memoir type of book. And it would be about how much I’ve learned throughout the process of being involved in a dance video entitled ‘What I did for Love’. This video uses movement via dancing to tell a story about love and relationships. The piece makes a statement about equality- a strong one- and it turns out that we are able to do our part in this year’s Marriage Referendum in Ireland because of it! I just don’t even know how to express how I feel. I can’t watch the video on my own because I just sit there and cry. It is so real and it is so relatable. I beam with pride at what we have accomplished as a group and I just want to share it with everyone!

So please… Watch What I did for Love’  and share if you LOVE it =)


This is my idea of motion, inspired by the Daily Post.


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