‘What I did for Love’

Yesterday marked the 7th and final day of filming a piece entitled ‘What I did for Love’. This piece is about love and relationships. It’s about how everyone has to work hard or even fight to be with the person they love and it certainly does not discriminate against gender and/or sexual orientation. That is not the way myself and this brilliant group of dancers see our world anyway. We had the chance here to showcase our talents and support a great cause. Anyone should be able to be with their person and that is exactly how we feel and what we show through choreography and striking visuals.

We had an absolute BLAST playing with holi powder this week while filming. This powder is used to emphasize the idea that people’s true colors aren’t always the same as someone else’s and they aren’t always what they “should” be. Couples in the piece struggle to let their true colors shine until they are united with the person whom they are truly meant to be with. Then we celebrate that with a blending of colors and the use of every single color of the rainbow to tie the piece up at the end. I am the Director of this video, as well as having been the choreography director and creative director so needless to say this project has been my passion for the past few months and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am so proud of the work we have done and now that I have 5 seconds to myself I could not WAIT to share a few bits from our experience over the past week. Check out these photos, capturing the essence of the holi powder perfectly as it floats in the air while the dancers perform. And please please please watch the promo video here.



This is what afloat means to me.



  1. Wonderful….!!! We all need to find a way to stay afloat.
    Love that inner most intimate desire always stays illusive.
    Its that decision we always struggle with what comes first….happiness or sanity?
    And when we resolve that tryst we have found what we are looking for….but until we find it, we need to stay afloat.

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