Taste the Rainbow

Think about this… When was the last time you painted a rock? If ever?

When was the last time you just did something fun and silly, the last time you played pretend and really let your imagination run wild. Do you take the time to let the young spirit in you have a little fun or do you just live each day plainly. Are you a grey stone?

Or a colored rock?

I spent the weekend with kiddies. I have cousins who live in Galway so that’s how I’m lucky enough to go out there every once in a while. They have so much energy, a lightness of being that we should all hope to maintain! Every time I’m with them they remind me that not everything in life has to be so serious. I believe it. We should all take some time to paint rocks.

Think about what that means to you, it could be going for a bike ride, roller skating, making jewelry or friendship bracelets even! Playing in the back yard or going for a long walk on the beach. Going to the carnival and riding a few roller coasters! Playing pretend, having an imaginary tea party or army battle. Why not? Let it out, live a little!

And one last thought for this gorgeous Tuesday in Dublin: Not everything has to be tied to reality and everything that’s important doesn’t always qualify as “important”.


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