Matcha Lattes for the win!

I have to say … I wasn’t sure about this milky green colored hot drink… but I think I’m sold.

An article came up on Lovin Dublin a couple of months ago about these amazing matcha lattes that are the latest and greatest. I read it and I was like hmm… one day I need to try these. Well that day was today and I’m proud to say I did it! Today a friend and I ventured over to the Cracked Nut which was #2 on the list and we ordered 2 Vanilla Matcha lattes. I survived my first matcha latte and I think I like it…  I will definitely be trying it again.

Here are a few things to note (from my first Matcha Latte experience):

  1. There is a good chance (as I sit here sipping normal tea) that normal tea could never compare.
  2. The texture of this latte is unlike no other… it is slightly gritty but at the same time the milk makes it so creamy and the combination of the two leaves you with a thick (but not too thick!) consistency… kind of like hot chocolate.
  3. It doesn’t taste sweet… so if you are expecting that- don’t. And if you add a bit of brown sugar (for those sweet-toothed people) it tastes really great! That’s what I did and it helped me.
  4. If you are apprehensive… STIR IT. The first sip I took was full of matcha-y foam and it was … unappealing to say the least. I felt like I was drinking a warm grass smoothie for a second BUT I stirred it and the foam that had settled was not incorporated… leading to the silky texture I mentioned in point 2.
  5. It is a feel good drink. As I was drinking it, I was enjoying it exponentially and on top of it… I didn’t feel full or tired or hyper or anything crazy after it! It was almost as if I never drank it because my stomach felt great. As well I felt a bit calmer and just happy to have tried it- could be a side effect of the matcha.

The health benefits are unreal…Matcha is the only legal drug that you can drink after all so it’s worth a try. They should call them Trippy Lattes honestly. Since drinking it I’ve been walking around seeing things a bit differently… everything is more colorful and I never noticed that there were cows in Dublin city… I swear the funniest things have been happening over the past 2 hours. I’m sitting here drinking this not so great tea and I keep getting distracted by the people around me who seem to all have funny French mustaches. This green stuff is amazing… I wish lol. April Fools! It’s not a druggy latte even though it does make you feel really nice after… I would know if I actually tried one…


APRIL FOOLS ahahaha I did try one! And that is what I think about it. Minus the “Latte Trip” after obviously. Thanks Daily Post for helping me celebrate one of my favorite days of the year through writing!



  1. Ahahaha you had me going there for a minute with the ‘Latte Trip’! Very good

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