I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day

I’m pretty positive that I’m a glass half full kinda gal. It’s obviously not an absolute thing, can’t be a ray of sunshine all the time, BUT even if you can’t… there are still days.

Days like today are the definition of sunshine on a cloudy day. Allow me to explain.

I was expecting something to arrive in my inbox. Last night I made a plan in my head that this morning I would wake up to an email that I was expecting. I woke up… nothing. I waited until 12 when I had to leave to meet an old boss for a catch up lunch… nada.

So I decided to try to “let it go” for a while, at least during lunch so I could enjoy it. I think I did that because my lunch date felt like brain food. I learned a few things and picked up a few good tips and I walked out of there itching to grab my journal and write them down. As I was writing I decided… I’m here, it’s Friday, let me enjoy my afternoon.

One of the things I wrote in my journal was this – #1. Stop setting myself up.

Do you ever do that? Set yourself up for something and then end up disappointed because it didn’t go that exact way? I’ve been told that my whole life. That I set myself up for things and I should stop doing it. I wrote that in my journal and then I went off to the National Gallery.

On my way to the NGI, I crossed over a bridge that was lined with little flower pots… Filled with Daffodils. Today is National Daffodil Day in Ireland – in support of cancer research. And I just to happened to stop to smell the roses daffodils. I had to snap a photo ^. I thought about them the whole way to the Gallery.

I love it there, it’s small but it’s perfect in it’s own little way. The best part about it? The gift shop. I could spend hoursssss in there. Needless to say I spent a nice hour in there looking through all of the little goodies. May have spotted my next journal in there! Then I got to a point where I felt like I was nearly ready to go, but one last thing held me in there for a few minutes. It was that journal. I spent an extra few minutes just looking at it and pondering it… and next thing I know I’m ready to go… WITH AN INBOX FULL OF THE EXACT MESSAGE I WAS WAITING FOR!

That set off the rest of my afternoon into ‘efficient mode’ and even though the time frame wasn’t exactly what I thought it would have been… the thing I wanted to get done today still got done.

Soooo… I decided to “stop” setting myself up. And what I realized was that it’s not about the setting yourself up but it’s about HOW you do it. I know now that there is a fine line between setting yourself up for success and setting yourself up for disappointment. SO I’m learning to lean towards the former.

Sunshine. On a cloudy day.


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