Biggest fear? Water. Where I need to be most? Water.

Makes no sense, I know. You asked though- beach, mountain, forest or somewhere else? Near the water. That is my answer.

Natureeeee I need youuuuuuu, I need to be in nature to feel connected to this crazy world. Is that a “hippie” thing to say? Long hair don’t care is what I say. I guess that all three of those things up there would be near water at some point or another. So any of them would do.

It depends on the season though. Here is my perfect life- this is how I would keep sane in the ideal world where I can be near nature 24/7.

Fall is for the Forest

Winter is for the Sea

Spring is for the Mountains

Summer is for the Beach

Water scares me, but it also frees me and enlightens me. It is the most powerful thing I have ever encountered and I have witnessed first hand the beautiful and horrifying things it can do. Nevertheless I love it. The air is cleaner and crisper when you are near water. Everything looks more beautiful when you are near water.

I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about stillness in life and how to incorporate it into my daily life more. Being near water allows me to be still because water is always moving, always flowing, never stagnant, so let it flow so that I can be still. It clears my head to do so, thoughts flow through like the water in a stream and then are carried away by that same stream, leaving me with a sense of clarity.

So what do I choose? Water. Always. I aspire to that perfect life up there. Hopefully I’ll be writing long enough to let you know when I achieve it.

Inspired: Daily Post



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