Hideaway #hideaway

Sometimes this life can just get to be too much for me. So I write about it. I can’t share all the things I write with you though, because they are intimate in a way. They are a huge part me in the sense that they represent the inner workings of my mind. They are totally not for everybody haha. But even with writing, sometimes this life can just be too much, too too much. So when that happens, I walk.

I just get up and go and I feel this compelling need to be immersed in nature. To go hug a tree. Literally to hug. a. tree. I did it yesterday. It’s thrilling. They reciprocate, trust me. Trees have souls. It was such a great moment to be honest. I just felt like I was really connecting with something, in a way that doesn’t need words. And thank god because that is what I need when the words get to be too much, sometimes the words just get in the way.

Today, however, I didn’t feel better. I felt the same. So off I went again… desperate for a piece of nature. And I found a hideaway. On a college campus of all places. I set off to hit up the studio and choreograph a new piece, but my mind was too heavy. I just couldn’t. So I walked. And I found a gem. Among all these buildings and students, parking lots and people, there was a tiny glimpse of a forest that used to be much larger and more free. This tiny piece of earth that had been left untouched, until I came across the secret hideaway.

I saw it and I thought to myself, maybe I should just sit in there for a while, nobody would even know I was here. Nobody knew where I was anyway, so I decided to leave it because it looked as though it belonged to someone or something else. It had been tagged, seats had been left where warm buns used to sit and it was not mine to occupy. Only mine to appreciate.

It left an imprint on me. What other nooks and crannies has this world got to offer? What else could we see if we could just take a minute to explore and open our eyes to something new?

I need nature. For my sanity. And thank god there are still places where it exists. This world would be a sad sad thing without the raw beauty of things that naturally exist. Thank god for trees. Go hug a tree today, honestly. Over and out.

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  1. Nature has a wonderful of offering us Her healing and She asks in return is that you are present with Her while being present with yourself. Enjoy every minute for the gift it is 🙂

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