As the sun hits your face

Yesterday I went for a walk with my love, we went to this park nearby. I’ve walked through this park about a dozen times, but I’d never explored the top left corner of it so I decided we should walk through there.

It was finally a warm gorgeous sunny day here… haven’t seen one of them in months. For those of you who aren’t aware of Dublin weather… don’t worry about it, it’s not too exciting from about November-March.

The park was beaming with rays of sun and families just living their lives. But there was still a corner for us. You can always find a place to be. That’s what I think anyway. So we found ours ^^ up there you can see. And while we were chillin there I remember thinking about what I had just seen and how the sun hits one’s face.

I saw this and was inspired:

photo 1

Look at those faces! The sun hits them and they look like they are looking in different directions. They are all the same! How CLEVER is that? When you look at them from afar, as the sun hits them and you walk along, you can see that they look like they are all facing towards the center, because of the sun. And whichever one you are in front of, regardless of its position in the line of faces, it is always the center face, looking directly at you. So what does that even mean?!

Think about how the sun hits your face. At any given time you could look like a different version of yourself because of the sun. Have you ever had someone say to you, “oh wow you look so gorgeous in this light!” That’s the magic of the sun. It reveals the 50 shades of our personalities. But even if it doesn’t come out, we are still who we are. The sun reveals what remains hidden sometimes without it.

photo 2

The other side of each carved face- all inverted, reveals the carved-out version of each face. To me this represents who we are on the outside, who we are on any given day/time without the sun’s rays or lack thereof to shed light/reveal darkness of character.

It just had me thinking. That’s all. As so many simple things in life do. Mostly in nature. There is something to be said about exploring and feeling connected to nature. It feels like being grounded in a sense.


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