You know that feeling?

What is it that gives you the best feeling? For me it’s performing on stage. It is such a rush. I absolutely love it. It feels like… I don’t know like everyone there has been waiting to see me and they are there for me. When I look out into the audience (if the lights aren’t blinding me), I am able to look right into the eyes of who ever I choose. Because I can connect. That is my favorite thing to do when I perform. Connect to these people’s souls. Dancing is a beautiful thing in that way because you can reach into a person’s soul and pull it out a bit. Set it free. Irish dancing is tough because there isn’t much expression in terms of body movements. So I just do it with my face and my eyes. Especially my eyes.

The show is for them. And in turn it becomes great for me. I am doing it for myself because it makes me happy to be doing it for them. Make sense? If you have your thing then you know.

I just feel like they love me. And I have this burning desire to be loved. To be appreciated for what I can do. It’s called passion I think. Because I have it with everything I do. It’s a little flame that burns inside of me that motivates me and makes me want to do well. When it comes to being on stage.. that flame is like a match that lights up an entire brush fire.

You know how they say that doing something for someone else is the best way to help yourself? Well AMEN. Because honestly… going out doing a show every night… dancing your butt off, being constantly sore, being exhausted and traveling like a maniac… is not cute. It’s not. But it is people’s dream because they love the dance and even more so… I swear it’s because of the way they feel on stage. That is because of the people. Your audience. My audience.

When you have to work so hard to do something the process of it can be a struggle. It is the struggle. It’s grueling and exhausting and you will be sweating and crying and even sometimes doubting the whole thing. But THANK GOODNESS for foresight. Because when I feel like that… I just think about that feeling… you know that feeling? The feeling that you get when you are so alive and ignited. The passion has been sparked and you are in your element. Everything feels like a dream. That. Feeling.

Makes the struggle bearable.


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