Time= Gold.

What is really important to you in this day and age? Let’s be honest with ourselves here. If Kim Kardashian or Justin Beiber favorited your tweet or better yet, retweeted you, would your life be made? If you posted up a photo on Instagram and it got hundreds of likes, would that be the “best day of your life”? What about if you changed your profiler on Facebook and your ex saw it and immediately messaged you saying he or she missed you. Life = complete?

Or let’s take it in a different direction. You spent a great night with friends having cocktails and dinner. Great day right? Great life right? You cook dinner for your kids and they love it. Now they are full and happy. Fulfilled.

You get into work early and get all of your work done, get a pat on the back from your boss. Winning? You work extra late and put in time at home to get a project done. That’s important right?

Weeks on end of rehearsals come to an end in a spectacular performance that you’ve been waiting for. That’s important. You train your buns off in order to win the race at the meet. V important yeah? Powering through that last workout to be able to say you beat your personal record. More power to ya, that is important.

You finish an entire pizza from Domino’s and then a pint of B&Js cookie dough deliciousness. Absolutely killin’ the life game. That’s the s*** right there.

Well what is it? What is really important. Honestly. What fulfills you? What is your most prized possession? I know these are gigantic questions. But for me the answer is simple.

My time. My time is important. My time is worth more to me than anything else I could have. My time is invaluable. I can choose what to do with it and who to spend it with. That is important.

Think about your time and how you are spending it. Are you spending it wisely? Are you happy about your use of your time? Are you allowing people to take advantage of your time? Don’t. Use it for you and for others however you choose. Eat that pizza if you want. Train for that comp if you want. Get into work early if you want. Whatever you choose, you are cashing in time that you won’t get back so use it wisely. Use it happily. Use it with a fire under your buns because it will propel you forward. Use it or you just lose it. It slips away. Avoid that at all costs.

Whatever it is that you are doing, always feel like you are doing what you should be doing and/or what you want to be doing.

Take control of your time and how you use it. Time is gold people.

I won’t let anybody boss me and my time around. No way no freaking how. And I’m proud of it. I don’t care very much about what I am “supposed to be doing” or what I “should do” or what “everyone else is doing”. LAME. So lame. I’m not cashing in my time chips for that nonsense. And I’m tired of seeing all these inspiring people around me doing the same. Just falling into line with the rest of the drones. NO WAY PEOPLE> that is not how change is made in the world. If you look at people living a fantastic life of whatever the heck it is they are doing and you think… why not me… then WHY NOT YOU?!

Why. Not. You. Why not you? Come on nowwwww don’t fall for the trap. There is SO MUCH to be done in this world! Choose something and go for it. Make a meaningful path. It kills me on a daily basis that I haven’t found that thing that makes me tick yet. You should want to be an active participant in this world. Using your time to the fullest. Because if you don’t… you will lose it. Do NOT cash in your time chips reluctantly guys. Just don’t do it okay?



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