Who says you can’t do that?

Did you know today is Blog Action Day? Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life?

Quite simply it means this- Joe has 5 apples and Paul has 3. So that is inequality. Joe has more apples- most would agree that Joe is better off. Unless we say – all the apples are rotten. So if Paul has 3 apples- he is better off. Either way someone else is getting the better end of the deal… because “they” have determined the standard of what is good or right in that instance. Because of that… someone is better and someone else is worse- inequality. LAME.

It is so lame. Who says you can’t do something and who says that what you have isn’t as good as what someone else has and who says that having x amount of something is not right? I see inequality wreck people’s confidence and lives even. I think it can be hurtful when people are hit with a dose of it and yes absolutely I have seen it in my daily life.

I have to say the worst is when talented people get it in to their head that someone else is better than them… and then the talent is wasted. That is inequality at its worst. That is what bugs me. That deep down, ingrained in your head, inequality that causes a person to feel inferior to another. It is a waste of all the beautiful talent that there is in the world.

I am so guilty of it. In years past I have compared myself to other dancers and it has knocked me down. No more. NO. MORE.

I think this is a thing that is perpetuated because people have taken it on board to decide things for others and those whom are in question have felt the pressure to believe or accept that inequality label.

Obviously it is clear in some cases that things are not right. Aka men getting paid more than women for the same jobs. LAME.

But in other, less objective ways, people’s confidences have been knocked because of inequalities inducing fear and eventually belief and acceptance of these “inequalities”. I think it needs to stop. We need to restore confidence in the beautiful people of the world. Everyone is different- different is a spectrum, but it doesn’t mean that one thing has to be better than the other. The world will still go around even if we don’t have a standard for everything and make certain people feel less than others.


Inspired by The Daily Post


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