Don’t settle… Chase after the rush.

So I read this article yesterday about why you should move five times in your life and how you should never stop chasing that uncomfortable feeling you have when you find yourself in a new experience.

It kind of reminds me of that movie … I can’t remember what it’s called but basically the guy was chasing an adrenaline rush and if he wasn’t running on one he would just die.

A part of you dies a little I think. When you’re not chasing something … What are you doing? Settling. That’s what I think…Just getting too comfortable. I can see where that article is right.

About routine… I am and I’m not into routine. It’s nice to have one, but also it’s nice to have new experiences and learn new things and do fun things that you’ve never done before!

I just feel like as I’m getting older I actually want to do and see more. I am trying to live like I can fly because I feel like I can (for now).It feels like a burning desire actually because I know that one day I will have less freedom and more dependencies.

So before that day comes I want to chase after the rush.


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