I cry for everything. It’s that simple.

Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry? Tell us about a recent tear-jerking experience!

Soooo yeah… I love people. I love happy endings, I love love and I love romance. I love cute things and little things and quirky things. My people-o-meter is off the scallleeeeeee.

Lots of movies, tv shows, videos, poems, books, basically anything where a relationship is on display or explored catches me right away.

Most recently… Hmmm…

When was there a time I didn’t cry? lol

Last night we were at a friends graduation party and his family were all there from Zimbabwe and other places to celebrate his accomplishments. As the party got started we were greeted by a lovely family friend who gave a speech. In it she praised my friend for having worked so hard and then proceed to talk about his parents whom he hadn’t seen in 10 years and his older sister who raised him in Dublin over the past decade. Her talking about them having the opportunity to be together and celebrate together was beautiful. Her speech was effortless and she quoted Nelson Mandela… By that point I was near bawling. But my mascara isn’t waterproof.

What can I say? I feel connected to the world. Especially the people whom I care about. And any movie ever 🙂 I cry for everything. But it’s only because of my big imagination, strong sense of empathy and my even bigger heart.

Inspired by The Daily Post


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