Why is my body doing this?

SAY WHAT? Why is my body doing this?! We only have one body and we are supposed to take care of it. I believe in that wholeheartedly. But sometimes I feel like my body is trying to kill me or something! It’s like it is attacking me half the time or… even better… it’s like it has decided to scare the life out of me by creating random aches and pains or lumps and bumps – just for the “craic” as they say here. (And that means just for the fun of it… NOT the white powdery stuff that other people might think of- thats a different spelling)

I like to think that I have a good head on my shoulders and I usually can control my thoughts when they go a bit haywire. Nearly 100 percent of the time though it’s because my intuition guides me and my body reassures me. So when my body starts to act up… my gut eventually says to my brain… Hey… you probably have the west nile virus or yellow fever or something. You should probably spend an hour diagnosing yourself on WebMD. You probably just have cancer and you are going to DIE. 

Thanks everyone. THANKS! So when they all gang up on me like that… I get very worried. I try not to worry but I can’t help it. Yesterday it came to a head for me because both the pain and the worry got to a point where I was fed up. It was time… dun dun dun. TO THE DOCTOR!

Today I went and I word-vomited to her for about 3 solid minutes about my aches and pains and worries and thoughts and this one time my grandma said this to me and I just keep thinking about it and all of that sort of thing… then after that she checked me out and said I have NOTHING to worry about. The pain is due to a condition that lots of women get… but it is nothing abnormal or really worrisome. So PROBLEM solveddddd.

Now I know I just have to deal with this thing till … menopause lol. Such is life.

Well that’s it for this episode of: When the body attacks. Stay tuned for the next episode because there will DEFINITELY be a next episode.


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