I love my bike!

Dublin is such a lovely city. It really really is. So metropolitan in it’s own ways, but in other ways it is still so unique and unlike any other place in the world. It holds a special place in my heart and really feels like home to me.

One thing I love about it is that the culture in general is really environmentally savvy. There is an extra effort to be kind to their special part of the Earth here and that includes everything from recycling to carpooling. That’s where Dublin Bikes comes in! Bikes are so great. The Dublin bikes have been around for a good while now but I never really cared until the past few months when I started walking to and from work. Without fail, everyday it takes 30 minutes to walk to work and 30 minutes to walk from work. There are no two ways about it and I’ve only ever been able to shave off about 2 minutes from the time but more often than not it takes longer than 30 minutes.

I have to say I wasn’t always the biggest fan of bike riding. The seats always hurt my butt and I can never get comfortable so it wasn’t ever really that fun for me. Buttttt… the idea of cutting off some time from my journey was just too good to resist, since there was a bike station near to me and it is the easiest bike ride to work from there. SO I decided finally I was going to register for an annual card with Dublin bikes.

And… drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeee… I LOVE IT! I love it so much. The first time I rode to work (this past Tuesday) I couldn’t believe how great it felt. It was like being 10 years old again, riding up and down the block just to pass the time. I still maintained my horrible steering skills! I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the gears though… so I spent the first few minutes pushing the pedals rapidly and going barely anywhere lol think hamster wheel. I sorted it though and it was pleasant. As the days have gone on I have gotten way more comfortable with it. Today I even managed to ride by the guy who passes out the Metro and have him pop one into my basket. I felt SO cool after that.

I’m into these Dublin bikes. 30 minutes or less for free… can’t beat it! I will stick to it until my bum falls off from the hard seat.


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