When life gives you lemons and what not

My goooddddnessssssssss I think I hit stone bottom yesterday. You know, the smaller less mean and horrible younger brother of rock bottom. I really do think that. I was feeling awful about my job and about my life. And why ?!

That directionless feeling crept back in… You know the feeling I mentioned before? The one where you just feel like you don’t have it together and have no idea where to go next? kind of? Yeah well it hit me hard yesterday, so much so that I was like … Do I even want to dance? Which is crazzyyyy. Makes no sense at all. I had class last night and I didn’t even want to go!

All I have to say is THANK GOD I DID. Thank god I did. Because as I’m sitting here on the Luas, I’m thinking to myself… If I didn’t go I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

Everything came back I me once I started dancing. All the stress drained from my body and the dancing took over. Has to be done. You have to force yourself to do things when you feel down. It always works for me. I guess my gut knew that. She’s pretty strong that old intuition.

The dancing was amazing and what was even better was a magical phone call that came after the dancing and it only came because I went to class. I was offered an opportunity because I was at class last night to spark a thought with the people there that I am deserving of this opportunity.

So it’s serendipitous I went. I was happy enough with my mental state after just dancing for a while but that phone call made it even sweeter.

Always do the right thing for you. I have proof that it will pay off. I can’t tell you about this magical call yet but I’m sure I will come next week.

All because I did the right thing for me.


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