Where’s the ‘me time’

Why do I always feel like I need to be connected? I enjoy having me time. I really do. Or do I? The second that phone beeps or I have a thought about someone it leads me to Facebook. I probably unlock my phone about 400 times a day and maybeeee… maaayybeee 20 times there is something to actually see.

Honestly sometimes I feel disappointed in myself because I can’t just leave all of that alone for a minute. But then again… that is kind of the world we live in now. I just feel like I can do better. When I have those spaces in time without social media or any kind of technology that “connects” me with other people… it actually is so freeing. It feels great. I feel like the day is mine and I can do what I want with it.

But reality is tough. I have a family back in Jersey and without my social media and iMessage, Viber, Skype etc… well without all of that I can’t talk to them. I’d rather be an addict then have homesickness. Homesickness is the worst kind of sickness. The worst. So I stick to the phone.

There are times though… that I really could just leave it alone. No one is talking to me and I don’t need to be talking to anyone. Every once in a while I make an active choice to recognize that moment and milk it for all that it’s worth. To take time and actually see stuff. And notice things. Like the public library that I’ve passed by 1000 times and never noticed! I actually went in today.

I need to make that choice more often. I know I will be better off. It clears my head. The me time. I need my me time.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t let go of it? I do. I’m going to force myself to just let it go more often. I know I’ll be better off.

Inspired by Me but Catalyzed by Hart Helps-Unplugging – Thanks =)


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