LOL On Dublin Bus Yesterday… serious LOLs.

Sometimes life is funny. I was sitting on the bus minding my own business and these two guys were sitting a few rows behind me, minding their own business. They were minding it but they certainly were not keeping it to themselves. I could hear, very clearly, every single word of their conversation. They complained about their jobs and how they hated taking the bus because it took ‘a feckin hour and a bit just to get across town’ and ‘feck it, sure we don’t need to take the bus’ and all of this kind of chatter.

So then Guy A starts telling Guy B a story about something that happened in the bathroom at work. Here’s how it went: (please excuse the language)

Guy A- Yeah so I was in the bathroom the other day and the feckin’ thing is just a mess. Just an absolute mess.

Guy B- What was this?

Guy A- Well there are only three ya know? And one is on the left and if you go next to it to wash your hands there would just be a dick there and no one likes that kinda thing ya know so nobody uses it because of the d*** situation. So I said feck it I’ll use it I don’t care. And then you WOULDN’T believe…

Guy B- Maybe this isn’t polite convo eh?

Guy A- Whaddya mean? Cuz I said d***? What should I say… penis?

Guy B- Well really just the nature of it… kind of private. Regardless of the term yanno? Not for a closed public space really.

Annnnnnndddddd headphones in. They weren’t getting back to that story because they were on a serious tangent. So I didn’t get to hear what happened. But I’ll say it DEFINITELY had me wondering. What did happen in that bathroom ya know? Then I wished I wasn’t wondering… so thank god for my music.

Inspired by The Daily Post


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