September brings…

This will be the second September in my short life that I will not be returning to school. It feels weird but I have to say, September still brings the same kind of feelings regardless of what’s going on in my life. 

September brings a sense of seriousness but not in a bad way. A sense of cracking down and getting back into a routine. September brings a different kind of calm that the summer lacks. The summer has a calmness in the sense that July and August always bring a sense of relaxation and lackadaisical attitudes. 

But September brings the opposite of that… it brings a sense of excitement for taking the routine more seriously again. Allowing yourself to become busier and more focused. The same way July and August allow us to become more relaxed. Yep September again, back to school and work and activities… And the gym^ :). 

As a kid I always looked forward to going back to school. I always went shopping for my first day of school outfit and I have lots of memories of taking a shower the night before school started and thinking to myself about what the next day was going to be like. I always liked school and the end of summer was sad for me but it wasn’t tragic. I liked going back. 

I always looked forward to seeing what September would bring. And I still feel that way. 

This September is about a return to routine and dancing and doing the things I am used to doing; with a lot more dancing, seeing friends and writing. That is what I want. 

We shall see what this September brings… 

Inspired by The Daily Post



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