Today feels like a hard day.

Do you ever just have one of those days… One of those days where things keep happening but none of it is going your way?

And you say to yourself … I don’t want this day. Today feels like a hard day.

Well that happened to me today. I had plans. Big ones. I was going to spend the day with my girl outside and we were going to leave early to get the whole day in. It was going to be great and I was going to be so happy.

Well I set myself up and then when it didn’t go my way I felt upset. We didn’t leave when we were supposed to. Any normal person would be upset about that, right ? So I tried to get over it because we finally left the house.

But after we got back to my apartment to grab our stuff, went to eat at the second place we tried because the first one didn’t have sandwiches (ugh Ranelagh is too trendy to serve anything but brunch on a Sunday at 12:30), our lunch really wasn’t that great, we took a cab to a train station that was closed because the train drivers are on strike, then walked back to where we came from to get the bus… Well I just wanted to go back home and cry and sleep till tomorrow. It felt like a hard day.

Some days are just difficult aren’t they?

We managed to turn the day around and thank goodness for that. I had to consciously talk myself out of it though. It took some effort to not let myself sulk for the rest of the day.

So I have my cuppa now and I’m relaxing in my big comfy bed and it’s okay to say that today was hard. And that I felt upset and it could have been really awful. But it isn’t now.

When you have a hard day, what do you do?


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