Reality… Food runs my life.

Yesterday on my way  home from work I stopped at the Spar across the street to get a sandwich. I had eaten my lunch at 11:35 because I just couldn’t wait. I was too hungry. So by 3 pm when I got out I was hungry again. Sandwich time! It was delicious by the way. I love a good toasted sandwich and people can’t really knock Spar because they hook it up.

I got my sandwich, and started walking. I had my headphones ready to go and listen to my music and my phone was blowing up with text messages from my dad and my girl. But I didn’t want my music. And I didn’t want to talk to anyone else. I just wanted to eat my sandwich and enjoy it. That’s when it hit me… really hard. Food runs my life. I am in a relationship with food and I need to see it about 6/7 times a day. I am always thinking about my next meal and how to make it so delicious, down to planning my bites out as I see my plate in front of me.

Food is one of the only things that can take my complete attention. I don’t care who is texting or calling or what else is going on around me. If I want to take some me-time to enjoy my food, I will and I can with the drop of a hat.

But you know what… I’m content with that. VERY content with that actually. I enjoy having meals, making meals and planning meals. I enjoy eating in general and I always like what I eat. So that is a passion of mine and it’s fulfilling. I love food and it loves me back.

The feeling is mutual. Definitely.

And for those who are interested: The above photo was taken at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dublin 2- at the Sure Bar where they do this amazing offer- 2 bowls for 8 Euro or 3 for 10. Obviously you can see what I chose and it was delicious! Check out the Sure Bar !


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