About that Totem Pole

I just can’t believe how ironic life is. And you know the way they say that whatever you put out in the universe is what you attract/what comes back to you? WELL it must absolutely be true, especially with whatever you write. I wrote about balance and power and standing up on that totem pole called life trying to keep your balance throughout the obstacles, etc, etc. After I published it (and probably during it too but unconsciously) I thought… well I’ve definitely been knocked off the totem pole a couple of times… what happens if you just completely fall off?

I fell off… a year and a half ago and only recently do I feel like I have reached the top again and am getting back on track with the balance of life. Then only a few hours later, I stumble upon a wonderful blog written by a recent follower and I just had to share the post I read.

The post: What if I fall talked about life and taking chances, believing in yourself because what if… just what if, you fly?

Well I can attest to the fact that you can fly if you want to. Because I am getting ready to soar and I can feel it. I’ve climbed and crawled and clawed my way back up on to the top of my totem pole BUT it’s because I am preparing myself for the flight =) So I am grateful for that post because it has inspired me to think even more about it and how it makes me feel.

I can only hope that when people meet me and I talk to them about it and tell them about how I conquered the toughest thing that has ever happened to me, that they will feel like they can do the same.

I just love how easy it is to make a connection with people. Especially if you are willing to share. That is why I think blogging is so special as well. You can share with people who you have never even met! But they could relate to you more than your friend sitting right next to you at the dinner table tomorrow night.

Looking forward to finding more of those people through this journey.

P.S. I always choose images that make me think about what I’ve just written. Especially for my thoughts. This one seems particularly fitting to me because I know what the view is like from that half open window. What does it make you think about?


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