Balance and Power

That single solitary flower among all of those bushes and leaves. Well talk about power imbalance am I right?!

Who has all the power? The flower because he’s so strong he seems to be the only one who survived in that little area? Or the greens because they have taken over. Either way … No balance no good. Despite how gorgeous that photo is!

So what about it? I feel the most powerful when I feel like I’m in control. I’m working as much as I want to be, doing what I want to be doing. I am dancing as much as I want to be and I am as fit as I want to be. I am eating what I want when I want. I am seeing my friends, whoever I want, when I want and I have made enough time for everyone. Most importantly I have made time for myself- to read, write, watch tv, take a long shower, whatever it is. That is the almighty Bianca Smith. In her glory. And in perfect balance.

It really is so true. You need to find a balance in life and when you do you definitely are your best self aka probably your most powerful self. I just got this image of myself standing on top of one of those really tall totem poles (like you’d see in a movie about a native tribe, where the challenge of young boys becoming  men includes them standing on top of this really tall pole for 24 hours), but this is the pole of life. It has been painted beautifully, like a gorgeous mural that depicts all the trials and tribulations of life. And then Mother Nature comes in and sneezes, coughs or blows her nose and the winds set in. I am on top of the pole, losing my balance! Why? Well chances are its probably because something isn’t right.

I feel like, after 20-something years alive, I know what I need to sustain myself. I might be considered high maintenance because I expect a lot out of my life. I want to be able to do a lot of things everyday and accomplish a lot of things in my life. I know what I need to maintain my balance, it’s like a rock-solid core. Which I have, literally and figuratively of course (no six-pack pictures will be posted though unfortunately lol).

Wanna know what else knocks me off my totem pole a bit? Love. LOVE. It is a killer. When you love someone you start doing all these things you never used to do and sometimes things you never even dreamed you would do in your life. The balance in life goes nutso. All of a sudden there is no time for you anymore, or dancing, or even watching TV without thinking about, talking to, texting or just plain wanting to be with that person.

Something makes me think though… that it’s okay to fall off balance for love because without it, where would you be? Love of a person and just love in general… when you love something… you want to do it all the time or see it all the time or whatever! The balance in my life gets corrupted by dancing quite often, but it’s because I love it. I am aware of it, so that’s okay.

Don’t get thrown off balance without ever realizing what has happened. Yeah… exactly! Hopefully you are all lucky enough to realize that the totem pole is waving around a bit. And start to do extra crunches. Keep up that core strength ya know =)

You’re welcome for the big ole’ metaphor. Welcome to this brain of mine.



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