It feels like starting from scratch.

I’m not that new to wordpress. I use it for my job, so it feels pretty familiar at this point. But I have to say, starting this new blog really does feel like starting from scratch. My other two blogs had such clear purpose. And a defined audience. I don’t live like that anymore. I just want to write, really.

Lots of things happen and I like to write about them. I have a hard day and I want to write about it. My mind is always racing so I choose to write about some of it and it clears my head a bit. I have kept a journal since I was 14 and still do. You can’t tell everyone everything. But I just want to write, really.

Typing isn’t really writing, I know, but it’s faster and it helps me catch up to where my brain is headed. I also like the idea of putting my thoughts out there into cyberspace. It makes a huge world seem a bit smaller because anyone could, if they found it, see this here. And sometimes I think… well if I feel this way, does anyone else feel it too? Maybe you do. So if you do, then you have a friend in me. But I have to say, it still feels like a journal to me. I write it for me. I just want to write, really.

I lost that for a while, with my last one, in a sense. Because I was doing it for you. I thought that if I could strike up some inspiration and positivity every Monday, you would all love it. And you did! But deep down I was still doing it for me because if I didn’t do that, I had nothing else to focus on to get me through the horrible time I was going through. So it all has come full circle now, looking back on it. I feel refocused now. This life is a roller coaster. There is so much I want to say about  my life. And I just want to write. Really.


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