Is that your guru?

So we can’t do it alone. No one can. Anyone who has a success story, owes it in part to the someones or somethings who they believe in or who believe in them.

I’m home finally, watching Eat. Pray. Love. Today was such a long day at work because I am completely exhausted. It is raining now and it feels lovely to be underneath my purple flowery comforter, resting my head on matching purple flowery pillows watching Julia Roberts play Liz who lives through this crazy thing we call life, having no idea what she is doing with herself. I kind of feel like her. That’s why I came to Dublin. It’s an exciting adventure.

Anyway, she asks the gorgeous James Franco, about a photo in his apartment, ‘is that your guru’? Got me to thinking. We all have someone or something.

What is it for you? Mine changes. I draw my strength from my family, my thoughts, my world, the universe, special people in my life, people who I look up to. It can be anything but there is always at least 1. I have made my own waves in this world but there is always a current. Sometimes I follow it and other times I challenge it.

My guru is within me, a reflection of whatever or whomever I have taken a piece of. I know that the universe wants to say yes to me. So I give it all of the things I want it to say yes to. Sometimes things are hard ya know? Everyone needs a guru to help them get through.


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