A Place to Remember

I am in love with this new design I have created and it feels perfect for where I am in my life now. I will be sad to leave my new groove blog behind but it’s time. It is time because I feel like I was using beesnewgroove to pull me out of a dark place, a place that I look back on now because I have reached the light at the end of that tunnel. It regularly freaks me out that the internet keeps everything you’ve ever put out there, but for once I am glad that cyberspace has sucked up my personal information to infinity and beyond. I can always look back at my new groove and remember. Just remember.

My mom bought me a stone once that says remember. I keep it in my backpack, which basically goes everywhere with me. Quite often I find myself looking back and remembering events, people and places with a distinct purpose, like I know I am trying to remember it in a certain way. And so the past few weeks… aka months while I’ve been talking to myself about starting this new wordpress adventure I kept trying to figure out why the heck I even wanted to do it.

Why was it time for a new blog? And now that I feel the urge to write I know that a part of it is because I need to remember.

So that’s what I’ll do. And I am so looking forward to that, along with other things.


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